What are the main differences between STRiX and benchmark 450 cc 4-stroke ICE motorbikes?

STRiX has same mass, more power, minimal thermal footprint, no gears, no clutch, both hand brakes, same throttle feeling for easier transition to electric propulsion, 80 % lower maintenance levels (no filters, no oil changes, no fluids), military grade components, different driving functions (software) to fully customize the power, engine braking (2 strokes vs. 4 strokes) and traction control.

STRiX homogenous acceleration enables better control during the acceleration and an overall smooth and predictable drive. With STRiX you are always in the optimal “gear” and always in the optimal revs. With a handlebar-mounted rear brake, it is easier to maintain the optimal riding position which frees your focus on the line selection and enjoyment of the ride.

Can I drive STRiX in reverse?

STRiX is equipped with a reverse gear feature, allowing you the convenience and flexibility to manoeuvre in tight spaces or parking situations with ease. Simply engage the reverse gear according to the vehicle’s instructions and enjoy the added functionality during your rides.

Can I lay STRiX on the ground?

Yes, as there are no liquids that could suffocate the engine as in ICE (internal combustion engine) motorbikes.

Is STRiX waterproof?

Yes, STRiX is waterproof! You can even cross deep waters. It can be submerged in water in a non-active state. When on land, turn it on and go.

Can I drive my STRiX in winter?

Yes. You can mount a snow track on you STRiX and enjoy some powder.

What is the acceleration and top speed of STRiX?

The STRiX accelerates with impressive gusto, thanks to its peak power of 75 kW and a torque of 150 Nm, ensuring swift and dynamic acceleration. With a top speed of 125 km/h, it not only offers exhilarating performance but also strikes a balance between speed and efficiency in its electric prowess.

What size are the front and rear tyres?

It’s optimized for hard-enduro motorbike so 18-inch rear and 21-inch front.

How much front/rear suspension travel does the bike have?

Front wheel travel is 300 mm by Showa or any other comparable brand, rear wheel travel is 310 mm by Ohlins.

What is technical specification of the battery?

Integrated NMC battery management system with nominal voltage of 350V, capacity of 6.3 kWh and approx. 18A.

How long does the battery last?

Experience longevity with our cutting-edge electric bike battery boasting 1500 cycles, powered by advanced NMC technology, and crafted through our in-house innovation, ensuring a ride that lasts as long as your adventures.

Can the battery be replaced?

We’ve also considered that there will be a new development in the batteries field and that the new battery can be integrated into the same battery pack and ready to use in the bike you already have.

Recycling and disposal of the battery.

To recycle your STRiX battery, check with local recycling centres or the manufacturer for designated drop-off points. Ensure compliance with local regulations and explore potential reuse options before disposing of the battery responsibly.

How do I charge my electric hard-enduro motorbike?

The battery can be fast charged with The Combined Charging System (CCS). CCS is a standard for charging electric vehicles. The battery can also be charged with your regular house charge 120V/220V.

Is the charger included?

Yes, a regular charger is included. Additionally, you can buy a fast charger as well.

How long does the battery charge take?

With standard charging its takes up to 1.25 hour and 10 minutes with fast charging.

What is the autonomy of the battery?

Based on the field data, maximal range is 150 km, with 60-140 min of regular constant drive and 40-80 min of intense off-road constant drive.

Factors affecting range of battery.

The battery range is intricately shaped by variables such as its 6.3 kWh nominal capacity, efficient peak power of 75 kW at 8000 rpm, lightweight design at 118 kg, and aerodynamic features, collectively influencing the overall balance between power consumption and the impressive 150 km sustainable distance.

Tips on how to maximize range of battery.

To extend the range of the STRiX, practice energy-conscious riding techniques, ensure proper tire pressure and take advantage of the vehicle’s efficient peak power and quick charging times for an extended and sustainable riding experience.

How to take care of the battery?

We advise storing STRiX indoors to reduce the potential risks of aging or damage resulting from extreme heat, cold, or adverse weather conditions. In case indoor storage of the motorbike is not possible then we recommend at least storing the battery permanently if the outdoor temperature falls below -15°C or rises above +35°C.

How come the electric motorbike is without a clutch?

STRiX homogenous acceleration enables better control during the acceleration and smooth and predictable drive of your electric motorbike – no need for the clutch.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of no-clutch electric motorbike?

STRiX homogenous acceleration enables better control during the acceleration and an overall smooth and predictable drive. With STRiX you are always in the optimal “gear” and always in the optimal revs. With a handlebar-mounted rear brake, it is easier to maintain the optimal riding position which frees your focus on the line selection and enjoyment of the ride.

Which ride modes are available within STRiX app?

STRiX offers a variety of ride modes, including Sport+ for high performance, Sport for a balanced experience, Eco for energy efficiency, Walk for easy maneuvering at a walking pace, Reverse for backward movement, and Custom for personalized settings to match your unique preferences and style.

How often will I have to service my STRiX?

STRiX is very easy to maintain since electric motorbikes have approx. 80 % lower maintenance levels compared to ICE motorbikes (no filters, no oil changes, no fluids) and because STRiX is built with the highest military grade components and standards. Only the suspension and chassis will require regular servicing.

What kind of warranty is provided?

The 24-month warranty applies to the vehicle’s functionality and not to mechanical damages or issues resulting from such damages. This is inherent to the nature of the vehicle designed for use in extremely demanding terrains.

Support and service options.

The supplier will provide servicing, repairs, and spare parts during the warranty period and beyond, as defined in a separate agreement.

Where can I find authorized service centers?

You can locate authorized STRiX service centers by visiting our official website or contacting our customer support. We have a network of authorized service centers strategically placed to ensure convenient access for your maintenance needs.

Is it possible to order spare parts?

Yes, currently spare parts can be ordered only via email at [email protected].

Any upcoming models or technological advancements?

Our commitment to innovation means that the battery cell technology powering STRiX is continuously evolving. If in the future there will be a demand for other types of STRiX vehicles, rest assured, we’re ready to roll them out. Stay tuned for exciting future models and technological advancements as we continue to push the boundaries of electric mobility.

How can I find a dealership that sells STRiX?

To explore STRiX dealerships, you can visit our website’s dedicated dealer locator tool or reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding a convenient and reliable dealership for your STRiX electric vehicle.

Is it possible to test the motorcycle before purchase?

Yes. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will arrange a test drive with you.

Are there any specific requirements or restrictions for test rides?

While we strive to make test rides accessible to everyone, there may be certain requirements or restrictions in place, such as a valid driver’s license, age restrictions, or scheduling appointments in advance. Please check with our dealership or website for specific details and ensure compliance with any safety regulations to make your test ride experience as smooth as possible.

What is the typical process for purchasing STRiX?

To purchase the STRiX electric hard-enduro motorbike, simply visit our authorized dealers or our website and finalize your choice. Complete the purchase by following the standard transaction process, and you’ll soon be on your way to enjoying the electrifying experience of the STRiX.

What is the target end customer price?

It`s 15.820,00 € + VAT.

Can I register my STRiX electric motorbike for road use?

Yes. STRiX can be homologated and registered as an enduro motorbike for road use but please check and make sure with your local vehicle registration regulations.

Can I apply for the eco subsidy after purchasing my STRiX?

Generally, eco subsidies are applicable to new electric vehicle purchases. It’s advisable to check with your local authorities for their specific policies. In some cases, there may be a deadline for applying before or after the purchase, so it’s recommended to check and adhere to the guidelines provided by the subsidy program.

How can I cancel a reservation or order?

To cancel your order, please contact us via email: [email protected].

How long does it take to process an order cancellation?

We strive to process cancellation requests as quickly as possible. The cancellation process can take up to 30 days.

When will the bike be in production?

First batch of bikes is already in production, street legal bikes are available from March 2024.

Can you ship to my country?

We can send products all around the globe. If you have any additional questions, please contact us by email: [email protected].

What is the average delivery time?

Average delivery times for the EU are between 3 and 5 working days and for the UK between 5-10 working days. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific case: [email protected].

How can I become a STRiX dealer and sell hard-enduro motorbikes in my country?

We aim to collaborate with top-notch motorcycle dealers globally, ensuring the optimal presentation of our products with a professional touch. We welcome inquiries from potential partners interested in joining our dealership network, subject to existing local contracts in your territory.

Express your interest in collaborating with us by registering here: https://www.strix-evolution.com/become-a-dealer/