We’ve reached a significant production milestone, taking us one step closer to having STRiX electric hard-enduro bikes available for demo rides. Stay in the loop by joining our mailing list, so you’re among the first to experience the revolution.

 At STRiX, we know that the best way to create an exceptional product is to work with exceptional people. Our team of    experts is made up of passionate riders who understand what it takes to create the ultimate riding experience.

On February 15th , as part of an official visit organized by the Slovenian Ministry of Defence, a high-level delegation from Estonia visited Slovenia to learn about strong Slovenian engineering companies in the defence sector. Proudly, one of the invited companies for presentation and live demo, was also STRiX eMotors.

After presentations and demonstrations of Valhalla Turrets, Guardiaris, and Carboteh, it was time to present and test the STRiX – the world’s first military-grade dirt e-bike. Built specifically for the army to meet the highest technological and functionality standards, the e-bike outperforms combustion versions in every way. Estonian military and MOD representatives were fascinated by STRiX’s technological breakthrough features and outstanding performance.

Tjaša Fifer, renowned as the best Slovenian rider in extreme enduro, tested the STRiX’s first prototype, an electric hard enduro motorbike. Despite initial skepticism about electric motorbikes, her detailed test left her impressed. Tjaša praised the bike’s remarkable maneuverability, lightness, and seamless acceleration. Her positive review from the extreme enduro queen further elevates this military-grade motorbike’s reputation.